Thuyvi’s Blog

this is my blog. there are many like it but this one is mine.

i write about a lot of things. you might notice that i don’t capitalize anything. that’s because my keyboard is broken at the moment. exciting, i know.

i am 28 years old. ┬ámy mother is from viet nam. she had me late in life, which is unusual for family and culture. another totally unusual thing is that my father is african american and her second husband. mother has always made up her own mind about things and refused to do as she was told. in this case, she’s married outside her race and culture, for the second time and has had another child. she’s also a french teacher, which is unusual, since french is her second language.

my dad is ex military. he works for the state now. he’s a very interesting man, too. he’s slightly younger than my mother and is allergic to cheese. he’s a brain and doesn’t like sports. he also prefers cats to dogs. he’s a bit weird, but i love him.

my parents named me thuyvi chanel. -pronounced twee-vee chaw-nell-i usually go by thuy. i think it is beautiful and sweet. it’s different and i love it.

i am in college right now as a music major. i study the cello. i live with my parents, which is nice. they’re actually great roomates and since my mother loves to listen to me play, it works out well.

i practice in the atrium, surrounded with plants and birds. my mother loves to paint there, while i play. she’s not very good-her words, not mine-but she loves it and that’s what matters.

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